Shutters Ridgefield

Custom Interior Shutters

Shutters RidgefieldUpgrading your home is a fun project. Painting the walls, getting new furniture, and hanging pictures are all standard interior upgrades. But one spot in the home is often overlooked, the windows. Some people throw up some curtains to add a little color. But if you want to add your personal touch, installing window shutters is a brilliant idea. They are sturdy, beautiful, and make a statement.

At Shutter Queen, we help Ridgefield homeowners find the perfect custom shutters for their house. There are tons of design and color options available that creating your shutters will be just as much fun as seeing the results.

Shutter Design Options

Our craftsmen and experienced staff will work with you to decide on the style, design, and color of your shutters. Different elements will provide unique looks suited for modern, traditional, and contemporary homes. There are many more options available for shutters than there are for blinds.

Shutter Louver Size

The louver size can make a massive difference in the appearance. The louvers are the wooden slats on the shutters, and the louver size is the amount of space between each louver. The most common size is 3 1/2 inches and 4 1/2 inches. Large louver sizes are better suited for tall windows, and smaller sizes are less common but used for more contemporary designs. Depending on the look you are going for and the current design of your home our craftsmen will work with you and suggest individual styles.

Shutter Tilt Rods

Another essential factor of plantation shutters is the tilt rod. A tilt rod is a pole that is connected to all of the louvers, controlling their movement. Traditional tilt rods run down the center of the shutters for easy access. Hidden tilt rods have become more popular and provide a more modern look. The tilt rod is hidden behind the louvers on one side. To open and close these shutters, you manually move one of the louvers, and as they are all connected by the hidden tilt rod, they will all move together.

Decorative Shutter Mouse Hole

On traditional plantation shutters, the mouse hole is a small indented area where the tilt rod rests at the top. This allows the louvers to close all the way and let as little light in as possible. Now, there are more decorative options and you can have carved patterns at the top where the tilt rod can still rest but add a little design element.

Shutter Configuration

Window Shutters RidgefieldThe last custom option for our shutters is the way they open. There are four standard configurations. Traditional shutters will have either a single or double panel that either opens to the left or the right. Many homeowners favor this arrangement.

The bi-fold is another universal design. This particular layout is when two panels are connected by hinges that allow them to fold together when opened. Bi-fold shutters can help save wall space if there isn’t a lot available.

The third configuration is the double-hung shutters. This option allows the top and bottom panels to open independently from each other.

The last style is cafe; these shutters are only on the bottom portion of the windows. Originally they were used to avert the view of people walking by on the street while still allowing light in through the top.

Local Custom Plantation Shutters

Shutters are available widely across the world, but typically the ones sold online or in big chain stores are made out of medium-density fibreboard. At Shutter Queen, all of our shutters are hand-made, in house using real wood. We can make shutters for any window size or shape, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We measure, build, and then install your custom shutters. If you are looking for the company with the skills and over 20 years of experience providing Ridgefield residents with new shutters, come to Shutter Queen today!